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Mesenzo; online shop for pocket knives and accessories

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All the items you see listed in our webshop are in stock unless specifically marked as "this product is not in stock".
When your order is placed before 5 pm on a work day, your parcel ships the same day. You can find the indicated transfer time on the page "shipping costs"

Please note; all prices on this website are inclusive of 21% sales tax. If you are from outside the EEC (European Economic Community) you are exempt of the sales tax. If you are situated in the USA or Canada, the correct price automaticaly will be shown on checkout after you fill out your address. If you live outside the EEC and outside the USA / Canada you will have to contact us to correct the prices manually. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist.


Recently (last 2 month) added to the web shop;

13-5-19 Kizer Vanguard; ZipSlip, Mini Domin and Minitherium Damascus
11-5-19 Medford; Smooth Criminal and Dress Marauder (2x) and some swag items (beads, patches)
10-5-19 Medford; Slim Midi (3x), Theseus (2x), Proxima
28-4-'19 Boker Plus; Warbird, Frelon and Kerberos
26-4-'19 Boker Plus; LRF (3 versions) and Gust
25-4-'19 Black Fox; Reloaded Satin and Ti
25-4-'19 CRKT; Pilar Large G10 and the Slacker
12-4-'19 Kizer; Ki3488A1 and A2 Mini Sheepdog Titanium
3-4-'19 Reate; K-1 engraved handle 2x and J.A.C.K. MCF bronze
31-3-'19 Kizer; Crocotool
29-3-'19 White River; Firecraft 5 Leather Sheath, Ursus 45 Red&Black Richlite, and new stock other modells
26-3-'19 Medford; Dress Marauder, Der Hund, Proxima
25-3-'19 Medford; Micro T, Genesis T, Slim Midi
18-3-'19 Reate; T2500 (4 versions), T3000 (3 versions) and K-1 damascus blade and mokuti inlays
17-3-'19 Reate; Kirby Lambert Augustus MCF & Green Micarta
16-3-'19 Reate; T4000 CF / MCF / Green Micarta / Brown Micarta
15-3-'19 Medford; Eris, Panzer, 2x Praetorian Genesis T Tanto, 3x Praetorian T, TFF-H, Theseus
14-3-'19 Medford; Micro Praetorian T Terminator and Custom Bronze
13-3-'19 Liong Mah; Field Duty, Hawk, Warrior Two V2 and Zulu
12-3-'19 Liong Mah; KUF V2 in 4 versions
5-3-'19 CRKT; Pilar Large and Pilar Large Black D2
5-3-'19 Boker; GoBag and Bushcraft Micarta

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