Boride T2 #320 Aluminum Oxide Whetstone
Boride T2 Aluminum Oxide Whetstone #320 on base
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Single sided hone made from Aluminium Oxide #320 on aluminium base for Kazak, Edge Pro and TSProf sharpeners

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Boride T2 320 whetstone

Very high quality whetstone made from Aluminium Oxide. Designed for use on very hard steel (up to 63 HRC) so ideally suited for use on premium modern blade steels.
They are made by Boride Abrasives, an American company (world leader in this field) specialised in producing high quality abrasives for the professional industry.
The T2 stones have a very hard structure and slow breakdown. They are realtively fast cutting.
They need to be used with a lubricant like honing oil or vaseline oil tp prevent the stones from "loading" with metal particles (clogging the pores of the stone). Cleaning can also be done with some oil. Simply put some drops on the stone, rub with a finger and the metal parts will start to float from the pores and can be whiped of with a tissue.

This whetstone comes mounted on an aluminium base for use with Kazak, TSProf or Edge Pro sharpeners.

Boride T2 Aluminum Oxide whetstone grits;
  •  220 = coarse. For sharpening a really dull blade or repair of lightly damaged blades (small chips). (For new bevel or heavily damaged blades use the SC-HD Silicium Carbide #120 stone)
  • grit 320 = medium coarse. For sharpening a dull edge.
  • grit 400 = medium fine. For sharpening a not-too-dull edge
  • grit 600 = fine. For normal re-sharpening.
  • grit 800 = very fine. For finishing a sharpened edge
  • grit 1200 = extra fine. For finishing a sharpened edge. Gives almost polished finish
Dimensions cutting surface ; 154 x 25.3 mm. The stone is 6.5 mm thick and can be re-flattened several times.

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