Real Steel H6 Elegance Carbon fiber
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Real Steel H6 Elegance Carbon fiber

Het model H6 is is een robuuste folder van flink formaat. Deze nieuwste versie heeft een slankere, meer elegante lemmet vorm dan zijn voorganger. Vandaar de naam H6 Elegance.
Het lemmet is gemaakt van hoogwaardig Sandvik staal, voorzien van een zeer dun uitgeslepen vlakke slijping met satin finish.
Het heft is opgebouwd uit roestvast stalen liners bekleed met schaaltjes die bestaan uit een laminaat van Carbon vezel en G10.
Een degelijke linerlock beveiligd het mes in geopende toestand tegen onbedoeld dichtvouwen.
De pocket clip kan zowel tip-up als tip-down geplaatst worden.
Deze H6 van de nieuwste generatie is voorzien van torxschroeven en een verbeterde "deep carry" pocket clip.
Model uitloop: van 59,95 nu voor 39,95 euro!

Productspecificaties Real Steel H6 Elegance 7611

Lengte geopend: 21,3 cm
Lengte lemmet: 9,2 cm
Dikte lemmet: 3,5 mm
Dikte heft: 13,7 mm (zonder clip)
Lemmet: 14C28N Sandvik roestvast staal
Heft: RVS frame met schalen van laminaat van Carbon vezel & G10
Pocket clip: tip-up and tip-down plaatsbaar
Vergrendeling: linerlock
Gewicht: 143 g

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R.L - 04-12-2016 15:56

Being a fan of high quality knives ( I own Cold Steel, Spyderco, EKA, Helle, Buck, SOG and others ) I was looking for a good EDC folder for my wife, as she loves to use my Helle Bushcraft folder every damn day for several tasks.
Off course the budget was a major factor in my choice. After an extensive analysis of the young company Real Steel, I decided to give it a try. I have to say that I was very happy with the choice.
Here is why this knife will make a good choice for my wife.

- The Sandvik steel ( that is usually found on high quality Scandinavian knives ) is a very good choice for an EDC folder, because it loves to be sharpened and holds an edge for a VERY long time. This will keep my wife smiling, as she hates to sharpen knives herself. The blade was NOT hair splitting sharp, but a few runs on ANY sharpening system will take care of that.

- The excellent lavish carbon fibre laminated G10 scales of this knife look and feel simply amazing. Aside from the ever so important esthetics, the longevity of this material is proven to be pretty good. That means that my wife won't be ashamed to show off her EDC blade in public without looking ridiculous ( women seem to value esthetic beauty more than men for some bizarre reason )

- The teflon bearings and deployment system ( ambidextrous dual studs ) on this knife is very well though out and executed. So even with shining French manicure on her nails, a woman will have no issues deploying the blade and using it every day. For men, the deployment of this blade is pretty easy and smooth.

- The flat grind on the blade is a pretty cool option. I love it! Also the blade shape doesn't have a “tactical” look, but rather a “utilitarian” design. This is VERY important, as most police officers and security guards will confiscate your knife faster if it looks too “tactical” and aggressive. In the case of the H6 elegance, the blade looks like a well sculpted high quality tool that is not ashamed to show its' face in any environment. It reminds me of the SOG Flash 1 with its' pragmatic utilitarian design.

- While I prefer a Spyderco-style locking system on the back of the knife, the liner lock on this knife is very good. No play of the blade and no movement from any sides. Besides, those well manicured fragile fingers will handle a liner lock way more comfortably, than a different system. This was a major purchasing decision that is worth looking into.

- The pocket clip is pretty damn good, but a bit too tight. I am certain that it will never be used ( as a woman loves to store her paraphernalia in a purse ), yet knowing that you have a clip that can be moved to any side of the knife is very reassuring. Good design feature!

In general the Real Steel H6 Elegance is a hell of a lot of knife for the money! I am very impressed and I hope my wife will be also. It is a well designed, well built and luxuriously decorated every day tool that will happily share your pocket ( or purse ) for any occasion and will not let you down. The general sharpening and maintenance is pretty easy on this blade. I can sharpen it at home and can keep it running like a well oiled machine. For people ( men and women ) who are looking for a decent EDC knife, it's definitely worth your consideration!
Off course not all is well in the Real Steel land, so here are a few points to look out for:
- The weight of this knife is a bit heavier than a Spyderco. So it's not the lightest one around, but also not the heaviest.
- Those beautiful carbon fibre scales on the handle are pretty smooth. So in case of hard use, consider adding some grippy tape on them.
But in general this knife is still pretty badass! Thank you Real Steel and Thank you MesEnZo for fast and great service.

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