Mesenzo started from a passion for high quality cutlery that I developed many years ago. When I was given the opportunity to get the sole import rights for the Netherlands for a new Chinese brand of Quality pocket knives, I took this chance to transform my passion in to a serious enterprise. Together with my wife who shares the same passion for knives we started Mesenzo in 2014. At first I planned only to do internet sales through a webshop but when more and more people asked if they could visit us in a real storefront shop we changed our mind and started to arrange a real "brick and mortar" shop. This then led to the expansion of our product range with more wellknown and some less known brands. We will continue to broaden our range of brands in the future leaning to more high end brands or custom knives that are very difficult or even impossible to find anywhere else in Europe. Some examples recently added to our shop: Koenig Knives, Chaves Knives, Cheburkov, Custom Knife Factory, Andrew Demko, Liong Mah and Michael Zieba.

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Hans & Barbara Hendriks
The Mesenzo Team

Below some photo's of our stand at several international shows;

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